5 Reasons Google Tag Manager is the Best Tag Management Solution
Anton Lipkanu
August 25, 2017
With Google Analytics as the gold standard for web analytics measurement, it makes sense for Google to provide a cohesive platform that plugs and plays seamlessly with this celebrated tool. While both Google Tag Manager and competitor Tealium provide a single tracker and intuitive interfaces, GTM takes flexibility and control a step deeper in five key areas.
Google Digital Marketing Wins Against Adobe Marketing Cloud
Greg Sobiech
August 15, 2017
Native integration and forward thinking solutioning positions the Google Digital Marketing (GDM) stack ahead of Adobe Marketing Cloud (AMC). Here’s how:
The New Frontier of Attribution with Google
Anton Lipkanu
August 7, 2017
Google will soon be releasing a unified solution for all our media measurement woes. Or, at least, a lot of them.
Google Attribution 360, an enterprise level attribution solution, will allow users to build accurate attribution models on top of the centralized data of their full media efforts. Here we take a look at the early capabilities and benefits.
Google Retains Position as AdTech Leader: Thoughts from the Next Conference
Greg Sobiech
June 7, 2017
Google is committed to dominating the AdTech space by offering a fully-integrated marketing platform. With a clear shift away from legacy cookie-based measurement, consumer-based marketing comes into focus with Google’s cutting edge solutions for Media Activation, In-Store Measurement, and Attribution.
Improve Your RoAS In One Day With Google Analytics Premium
July 8, 2016
Having an analytics tool is table stakes. Now that you are here at the table, let’s discuss how to parlay your smart decision into improving your RoAS in just one day.
How To Garner 6 Figure Insights From Your Doubleclick Campaign Manager ad server
July 1, 2016
Best practices that will allow you to garner six figure insight from your Doubleclick Campaign Manager ad server.
Google Analytics 360 Suite – go from insight to impact, faster
March 15, 2016
Google announced today the release of the "Google Analytics 360 Suite".
Implement Google Tag Manager: Data Layer
October 20, 2015
In this post you will learn how to correctly place and implement Data Layer as part of Google Tag Manager setup on a website.