Maximize digital marketing ROI through data science

To beat your competition and maximize programmatic ROI, you need to rely on a variety of proprietary and external data sources.

Once your media delivers results, consider digital attribution – which sources drive awareness, consideration or conversion? Which sources bring new customers to your brand, or re-engage past customers?

DELVE has extensive DoubleClick Digital Marketing experience.

Data drives marketing ROI

Hiring Criteo for retargeting and Quantcast for prospecting, with their black-box approach to media, no longer works. To succeed against the competition, you need to become better at using data to drive programmatic ROI.

Attribution informs digital media mix

Last-touch attribution is short-sighted and leads to poor media-allocation decisions. Every business should focus on awareness (first touch), consideration (assist touch), and conversion (last touch) to grow.

Attribution for many Programmatic DSPs (Demand-Side Platforms)
DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) as a cross DSP deduping and attribution modeling platform
Best in class marketing suite: DoubleClick digital marketing stack

You are probably already using Google Analytics. Extend your Google stack to enable exchange of data among sources to maximize programmatic ROI.

Attribution for many programmatic DSPs (Demand-Side Platforms)
DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) as a cross DSP deduping and attribution modeling platform
Serve all programmatic display formats, from a market-leading Ad Server
Display attribution is built into DCM
Top-rated programmatic Demand-Side Platform
Buy programmatic anywhere (website or app), and in any format (banners, social, or video)
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