Google Analytics consulting services for companies that want trustworthy data, insights into what drives sales, or how to allocate a digital-marketing budget.
Google Analytics (implemented in-line or through Google Tag Manager) establishes the data foundation for your online business. When properly configured, Google Analytics will provide you with trustworthy metrics around sources of site traffic and site-content consumption, as well as a breakdown of online conversion rate, and will point to underperforming SKUs in your merchandising mix, explain digital attribution, and inform digital-media allocation.
DELVE is a top-rated
Google Analytics partner:
  • Rated #1 Google Analytics partner (by Google) in New York Metro
  • Over 100 Google Analytics implementations with small and enterprise customers
  • Over 40 Google Tag Manager implementations
  • Inc5000 rated 2 years in a row
  • Leadership team from Bath & Body Works and Nike
  • Established in 2008
Google Analytics
Partner in New York metro
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We work on Google Analytics with small businesses
and enterprise customers:
Online retail
Lead Generation
Google Analytics customers
consistently provide us with 5-star ratings:
Over the years we have developed a best-in-class process around
Google Analytics that ensures every project ends in success:
To start, we will do Discovery around your specific Google Analytics needs through a handful of interviews with you or your team.
Optimize Guide
We will document your requirements and explain how they map to tagging (typically, through Google Tag Manager)
Implementation and QA on Test
We partner closely with your developer/s, and work with them to inform and QA how Google Analytics/Google Tag Manager are implemented on your Test Environment:
Implementation and QA on Production
Once the code is pushed to Production, we will QA it again several times, and then certify the implementation:
Once Google Analytics is re-tagged and trustworthy, how do you make sure its data continues to be clean?
As with any complex system, if not maintained, Google Analytics will come out of alignment. For instance, as your website changes and the code is updated, variable names may change and data in Google Analytics loses continuity. Delve offers two services that ensure you are always in control of your web-analytics data.
Daily Visualization
Daily reports emailed to you and your team.
Daily Audits
Daily audit of the data in Google Analytics against your back-end transactional data with a goal of 99% alignment on metrics
We pay for ourselves. After 3 months, a typical Google Analytics client will identify opportunities from data that will help increase traffic or site conversion:
Google Analytics can help you understand how to grow your online sales. Our clients use Google Analytics to identify hidden patterns in data.
Marketing Budget Re-allocation
Google Analytics includes incredible attribution features, which can help you understand which sources introduce your brand to new customers, and which close the sale
Conversion Optimization
Google Analytics can help identify issues with your conversion path and provide insights on ways to increase actions such as “add to cart” or “start checkout.”