How to use the Google Analytics 360 Suite to inform marketing strategy, improve marketing ROI, and outperform the competition.
Learn how the Google Analytics 360 Suite (GA 360) represents a philosophical shift from Analytics being viewed traditionally a ‘cost’ center (or non-working capital), to Analytics being a ‘source of origin’ for data-driven Digital Marketing and ultimately higher Marketing ROI.
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The Google Analytics 360 (GA 360) Suite
The Suite was launched by Google in mid March 2016, and represents a radical evolution that filled in the gaps in the previous Google Analytics Premium 'stack'. The GA 360 Suite integrates not only within its sub-components, but it also ingests and exports data to AdWords and DoubleClick Bid Manager, as part of a bigger DoubleClick Digital Marketing ‘stack’.
GA 360 Suite Pricing
What is the pricing for Google Analytics 360 Suite? What is the minimum cost to use the GA 360 Suite? Google introduced new tiered pricing with the launch of the Suite. Details are included in the Whitepaper.
What's inside?
Overview of the 6 toolsets that make up Google Analytics 360:
Better Data Collection
and Analytics

Analytics 360 (Google Analytics Premium) – as the “marketing data super-bucket”, Analytics 360 can ingest data from all sources, including marketing data outside of the Google ‘stack’ or offline data

Tag Manager 360 (enterprise version of GTM) – the paid version of Google Tag Manager provides enterprise features such as new Service Level Agreements

Seamless Movement
of Marketing Data

Audience Center 360 (a Data Management Platform, DMP) – Google’s brand-new DMP allows for seamless transfer of data in from 1st and 3rd party sources, and out to AdWords or DBM

Ancillary Tools

Data Studio 360 (rapid visualization) – great alternative to Tableau Software

Optimize 360 (site optimization) – great alternative to Monetate

Attribution 360 (formerly Adometry, offline to online attribution) – relevant if your organization invests in TV or other offline advertising

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