Case Studies
Sony Pictures Television

A Fortune 1000 global TV-content distributor with rights to shows such as LOST and Battlestar Galactica, Sony owns over 60 web properties worldwide and has millions of unique visitors every month.

Using Google Analytics, we transformed the client’s account taxonomy and currently provide daily, weekly, and monthly reporting with data that can be trusted to drive profitable marketing activities.


Web Analytics: Organize, manage, and bring trust to data to make smarter decisions.

No trust in web analytics data: Multiple owners and a lack of framework meant the client didn’t trust the reported data and didn’t have a roadmap for how to manage web analytics.

Highly complex platform: The project was complicated by numerous platforms used by the client: Drupal for content management, Ning for community, and Brightcove and then MPX for video.

International teams and alignment: The 60+ web properties were geographically diverse, from Brazil to Poland, Hong Kong, and Russia. Local teams had to align with a set of standards.


Delve Partners focused first on Web Analytics, and over a period of the first two months delivered:

1. New taxonomy:

  • New taxonomy: Redid the web analytics account taxonomy, creating brand new Google Analytics profiles and sub-profiles
  • New accounts: Created all the analytics accounts and worked with the client’s IT vendor to recode all the sites Final approval: Once site tracking was redone, we audited all the sites, and issued a certificate of approval
  • Ongoing tracking: We developed a technology which spidered all the websites daily to confirm that analytics tracking wasn’t removed
  • Then, over the following six months Delve Partners delivered:

2. Ongoing Reporting:

  • Ongoing: Weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports, at the worldwide, regional, national, and network levels
  • Rapid visualization with Tableau Software: Pulling data from the Google Analytics API, Brightcove Google Analytics plugin, and a Ning plugin created a cloud-based datamart. Then, built reports in Tableau Software to allow the client to view their data at the worldwide level, as well as by network, country, or region for activities including content, social networking, gaming, and video
  • Ad-hoc deep dives: At least two ‘deep dives’ per month, focusing on specific shows that were promoted or relaunched, or marketing campaigns to assess impact on page views/impressions or website relaunches to calculate page consumption

3. DART integration

  • We are extending the web analytics platform beyond just Google Analytics, and working to include DART data in weekly or monthly reports, to show pageviews side by side with impressions

4. MPX integration

  • The client is currently moving from BrightCove to MPX – we are establishing new APIs with the MPX platform

We delivered the following benefits to the client’s team:

  • A well-organized web analytics process and taxonomy
  • New and logical site and profile taxonomy provided clarity around data organization, enabled trust in data to grow, and allowed for scalable growth
  • Flexible reporting platform from Google Analytics/Brightcove/Ning and now MPX API integration
  • API integration with Google Analytics and the development of one reporting platform allowed for a quick and flexible reporting framework that allows the client to track over 60 sites’ growth as a snapshot and a trend
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