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Competing in the travel space through focus on attribution in Google Analytics 360 Suite and programmatic advertising

The Team at Delve is a joy to work with and has proven to be an invaluable resource for Delve’s approach is a blend of data-driven analytics and technology mixed with real-world online marketing experience. We really appreciate their smart, fast and no-nonsense approach to helping us meet our business goals.

Jesse Henson, VP of Marketing,

The travel industry is fiercely competitive. New brands compete for customers to book on their properties, while hotels, airlines, and car rental companies also try to push customers to book through them.

Programmatic advertising is a relatively new media channel very relevant to the travel industry. Display, or programmatic, advertising, is the channel which most often draws consumers to a travel website. BookIt wanted to grow its programmatic advertising presence and generate demand in a way that allowed the firm to analyze display views and clicks against its other marketing sources.


Delve worked with BookIt to embrace the Google Analytics 360 Suite, focusing on Analytics 360 (formerly Google Analytics Premium). Analytics 360 includes a module called Data-Driven Attribution, which provides unsurpassed media-attribution capabilities.

One of the unique features of attribution in Analytics 360 is the ability to see all the display clicks and views in the conversion path; traditionally, only clicks have been shown in the path.

The ability to see all display touch points was enabled through DoubleClick Campaign Manager to Analytics 360 integration, and the Analytics 360 to DoubleClick Bid Manager integration.


Because of the integration between DoubleClick tools and Analytics 360, BookIt can make informed investment decisions about its programmatic advertising campaigns executed via DoubleClick Bid Manager. BookIt continues to grow year over year, in part because of its ability to manage its digitalmarketing budget across all the steps in the conversion funnel: awareness (first step in the funnel), consideration (assist steps) and conversion (last touch step).

9x ROI
15% Higher CTRs
100% New Audience Reach
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